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‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Sig Hansen: ‘I am afraid’ after my heart attack

“Deadliest Catch” viewers know that back in March, Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern suffered a heart attack while filming Season 12 and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. He tells Zap2it that, much like Phil Harris’ death in 2010, the Discovery Channel show…


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Alaska Red King Crab prices affected by illegal Russian crab

Jim Paulin

Even though…


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Still Missing Our Friend...

February 9, 2012 will mark two years that we have been without Captain Phil Harris.  In the universal scheme of things it’s a blink of an eye.    According to my heart’s time clock it’s been forever.   Phil left us with many wonderful and happy moments.   That is what I am choosing to smile and think about when I think of him.  To do anything else would be wrong.  I can just imagine Phil saying, “You dumbass, get on with…


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2 Years Later; Still Missing You

      After someone you admire and care about, someone who touched your life in a way only few people can, passes from this world, it really hurts.  People say "Don't worry, things will get better over time." or "That was two years ago, get over it; move on!" Well, it's now 2 years since Captain Phil left this world (way too soon) and the pain is still very much there.  Some may think "Wow, seems like only yesterday he was here" while others might say "Two years? That was eons ago!" To me it…


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I wrote a little poem for Capt. Phil.  I have been searching for a way to come to terms with his untimely passing so I could begin healing.  It seems strange that someone I never had the chance to meet could impact my life that strongly. From the day I read about his passing until now, all I could do was cry at the mention of his name.  He truly was a remarkable man & will always be remembered.  Anyway, enough of my blathering, here is the poem & I hope you enjoy…


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EXCLUSIVE: Capt Hillstrand reacts to TMZ video.

"Time Bandit" Captain Andy Hillstrand has reacted to a recent TMZ video showing new Cornelia Marie Capt. Derrick Ray disrespecting the memory of Captain Phil in front of sons Josh and Jake.

Hear what he said…


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Watch Catchcon webcast LIVE

For those of you lucky enough to get tickets - CatchCon 2011 is this Saturday, April 9th. If you want to meet other folks going, check out the Deadliest Catch Group - CatchCon 2011. However, if you can't make it, you can still check it out! The entire event will be… Continue

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Capt. Phil Public Memorial on video

Unfortunately, many of you were unable to attend Capt. Phil's public memorial on April 30, 2010 on the the Seattle waterfront. Hundreds of fans turned out for a cold evening at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91.

The event was webcasted live by Discovery Channel and then was available to watch in its entirety directly after the event. However, the next day the video of the…

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Cornelia Marie heads back to the Bering Sea

The F/V Cornelia Marie has been out of commission since the middle of February with a replacement of our "reduction gear" needed. This has been a costly and burdensome repair. The entire crew has been off since Capt. Phil's memorial on February 21st.

Finally, the crew is headed back to Alaska to finish up the long Opilio season. We still have a couple of trips left to meet our crab quota. Unfortunately, most of Alaska, including Dutch… Continue

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The Future of the Cornelia Marie

The season premiere of "Deadliest Catch" will be April 13, 2010. This will be the sixth season of the "Deadliest Catch" and the fifth season that the "Cornelia Marie" has been featured on the show. The television crew from Imagine Productions boards our boat during the fall for King Crab season and then after New Year's to videotape the Opilio Season. They videotaped the King Crab season on board with Capt. Phil and the crew. In fact, the King Crab season included a… Continue

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We mourn the loss of our friend and skipper, Capt. Phil

captain-phil-h It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our dad - Captain Phil Harris. Dad has always been a fighter and continued to be until the end. For us and the crew, he was someone who never backed down. We will remember and celebrate that strength. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. - Jake and Josh Harris

It is with tremendous sadness that I say goodbye to Phil Harris. Phil and I have been business… Continue

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