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Viewers react to Oregon-set 'Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove':

The "Deadliest Catch" spinoff, "Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove" premiered Tuesday night on the Discovery Channel, with footage of Dungeness crab captains and crews sailing out of Newport, and gorgeous images of the Oregon Coast, the Yaquina Bay Bridge and the Newport area.

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‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Sig Hansen: ‘I am afraid’ after my heart attack

“Deadliest Catch” viewers know that back in March, Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern suffered a heart attack while filming Season 12 and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. He tells Zap2it that, much like Phil Harris’ death in 2010, the Discovery Channel show…


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‘Deadliest Catch’s’ Sig Hansen details the Northwestern fire: ‘We’re very lucky’

“Deadliest Catch” is always ripe for an intense episode, since the lives of its Bering Sea crab fishermen are fraught with peril. In Tuesday’s (June 21) episode, titled “Fire at Sea Part 1,” Sig Hansen has a scary situation when there’s a fire on board his boat, the Northwestern.

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News on cm

Cm has completed tendering an is moweerd in homer where it will stay till red king crab season begins

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Deadliest Catch Ratings

Ten seasons in the ratings still prove why its still one of cables best shows.

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Hi all!

Did you check out the Dutch Harbor webcams?

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Calm Before The Storm

Scary... 50 foot waves and up to 120 knot winds...

Stay safe and take cover in port!!

Preparing for Storm…


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news on cm

is  in kodiak harbour at this time look as if there through tendering for this season

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I just watched the last two episodes of DC. Unless something seriously changes, I see severe morale problems ahead for the crew of the Northwestern. The reaction of the crew to Mandy - or more accurately, to Sig's treatment of her, at their expense - is both understandable and predictable. She is pulled off the deck in the middle of hauling pots to run the boat and set pots, leaving the crew short-handed while Sig indulges her. Jake Anderson wonders aloud, "Is she a deckhand or is she Sig's…


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Matt Bradley teaches a master class in dealing with a tough crowd

Last week I learned five things about how to deal with a body odor issue from Matt Bradley. This week, I'm learning about how to get around Sig.

What has Deadliest Catch taught you?

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"The Most Dangerous Job in the World" - Edgar Hansen

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is dc going to be on tv for 2014?

hello all i am out of touch with the dc news on whats current. just wondering if dc will be on tv for 2014

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Alaska Red King Crab prices affected by illegal Russian crab

Jim Paulin

Even though…


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new season

i hope everyone stays safe and we cant wait for the new season! catch those crabs love the north western!

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 The Seacow team has been producing videos since middle school and now boasts a large collection spanning several genres. To date, their greatest accomplishment has been taking home the award for Best Picture in the 2008 Franklin High School Film Festival for their Star Wars spoof "Janitor Wars."

    In 2009, they successfully defended their title in the Franklin Film Festival by claiming Best Picture for "Dummkopf…


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God Speed Capt. Everett

Just received this message:

Hello everyone on the fresh list, this is Taurus, Everett's son.

I regret to inform everyone that Everett has passed away on 6/12/13 due to his struggle with cancer. I will be taking over the business.

Calm seas ahead Capt Everett, I'll miss your Alaska blogs and conversation.

Mary Beth

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one bag left of the Deadly Catch coffee it also comes along with the coffee mug

I still have one  bag left of the Deadly Catch coffee it also comes along with the coffee mug As far as I know that is the last one out there I was Captain Phil's distributor at his pasting away so the business has not restarted yet and probably will not now.. I will be joining my friend Captain Phil later this year or next. I have inoperable advanced Pancreatic cancer. Today they just told me I have 6 to 12 months left.

If some one made the right offer I would…


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