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I was so concerned when I watched last weeks episode and of course during this whole season due to Jake's behavior on the Northwestern.  I understand he is miserable not being with his brother and missing his Dad but I think he's still using.  I sure hope I'm wrong but when Josh went to Jake's house he appeared so strung out.  I hope and pray he is doing ok and I truly hope he pulls himself together for the sake of his future.  I love those boys, I have met them both and had a great conversation with them.  They are truly good guys and I just love Josh, I talked to him about losing my Dad, I was 22 and my Dad was only 50.  It was very difficult and he totally connected with me.  When we were done talking he actually told me to "come here and give me a hug", " Thank you for your kind words and for giving me hope"  Such a sweetheart.  So what do ya'll think, clean and sober or still having a difficult time getting clean?

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 Hey Debbie....Jake Harris is just not doing well. You know this. His actions speak louder than words. He's been sleeping too much and at odd times, his skin is breaking out and his crew is getting disgusted with him. As for his future? It all comes down to the crew. In the end they will have the final word, but it doesn't look promising. Whether he gets paid for this last hurrah on the boat? I'm sure the crew is debating on whether or not to pay him, since he really didn't do much. Josh is doing fantastic, but he looks like he feels like crap. Seeing his baby brother decline is just killing him. But, as the pep talks to him go, he has to take care of himself. Worry about himself. Since he can't babysit Jake, I feel that they are separating apart, and Jake has to take care of himself, so Josh can get on living his life.  I really have no idea how this is going to turn out and right now, I'm starting to tear up and choke. I wish more than ANYTHING is for Jake to be happy. And I also WISH, that I could hang with him and just talk all night with him. I would promise him that I will NOT give him advice or nag him. I just want him to talk to me, whatever he wants/has to say. I will NOT be opinionated. He needs a super-tight hug? Or a few cheek kisses? And sweet words? I'll be there for him. I will never give up on him, no matter WHAT!  =^..^=


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