Fans of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch


I got my tickets for the Clearwater Evening With The Captains on June 25th.

I was told they're VIP tickets ($75.00 apiece 4th row center from stage).

They said this automatically included the Meet and Greet and we would be

contacted at a later date about the details.


However, someone else wrote that they got same tickets and "bought" Meet and Greet

tickets for the same event.


I'm confused! 




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You would have to check with your venue, but with the Asbury Park show the tickets that cost $85 and $75 included the meet and greet, orchestra seating and a special poster. My ticket doesn't state meet n greet, nor does it have any info attached to it. Once its closer to the show I am going to call the venue to find out all the details.
I just ordered my ticket for the Night with The Captain's Show . Itis taking place on June23rd in Coral Springs , Florida ( South Florida ) . The price of my ticket was $75.00 . It is in the 2nd row center stage . It is a Meet and Greet ticket . I am so excited !!! :-)

I didn't see that the meet and greet was an option and already purchased other seats - do you know if you can purchase the meet and greet separately? (for Asbury Park)


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