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No offense, but the greenhorn was harrassed, belittled, put down and down right degraded as a human being and Keith has the nerve to say he caused any and all drama. Thank god it wasnt me or Freddie and his dumb mohawk would be overboard and Keith would never see TV again. What a bunch of losers. Dane I dont think you should have sucker punched but I know why you did and kudos for having the balls to do it. Have never liked the Wizard or esp Keith and is holier than though perseption of himself, but hope he goes down. Freddie. What a LOSER!

Keith shouldnt own a boat, he isnt a leader he is a bullt plain and simple. Love the show except for this boat!

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You hit the nail on the head, Lisa. When Freddie was on the Cornelia Marie, he was cool. He is an extremely hard worker, but seems since he has been on the Wizard, Keith's personality has rubbed off on Freddie. Keith is a #1 jerk and does not deserve to be captain of anything. He is not a leader. Hey DISCOVERY CHANNEL, take this loser off of television!

I agree 100%. Doesn't this guy Keith have a young daughter that he calls from sea for good luck from time to time. So tell me Mr. terrible captain, if the children at your daughters school pick on her, bully her and want her to shave her head for some stupid superstition to win a school event, are you going to 1) tell her to do it and comply with all the bullies or 2) tell her to not complain when they increase their harassment of her, excluding her and threatening violence to her?

If this BS took place in the real world of business that would be a H.R. nightmare and most likely a lawsuit too.
Thank you Dane for being big enough to stand up to those losers. I was happy you did and took pride in showing my own children how you stood up against bullies and even though everyone around you wants you to do something, YOU DON'T HAVE TO.
Capt. Keith is a crappy leader and you're far better off away from him. Much luck to you.....
If Freddie harassed me like he was doing, I would knock him out, plain and simple. Kieth acts like he is tough. Let him buck up to me I would F him up.
Kieth allowed the crew to bully Dane during the whole trip. Then he threatens Dane when he steps off the boat he is on his own.

One thing that is being assumed here is that the show is 100% accurately portraying Dane's experience on the Wizard.  The show definitely portrayed his experience as very one sided, full of harassment, where Dane did very little instigation. IMO the "Green horns" on the Wizard, when looked at from a multi year basis, are experiencing a culture of hazing on the Wizard(if the show is accurately portraying the events). When a kid gets yelled at and had stuff thrown at him, Keith said Dane had a problem with authority, very sad.

Totally agree.....Wizard has lost all my respect and Freddie. Dane was wrong in punching him ,but anyone will snap when your treated like that when you just want to work

I am so happy to hear other viewera out there think this was wrong.  I have never liked Keith from day one of watching this show and I really think he needs to leave the show.  To me he is an arrogant jerk (putting it nicely).

And Freddie. I loved him with Phil.  Now I have no idea what happened.  Perhaps the spell of the Wizard got to him. I agree with Lisa, I hope he goes down in more ways than one.  I cannot stand any segments of the show with him or Elliott.  It's like a breath of fresh air to have segments of the show with the Time Bandit or the Northwestern or even the Seabrooke.  Keith makes me not want to watch this show especially after what he did with the cameraman last year and now this.   I hope Tom Beers reads these and listens to what the viewers are saying about Keith.  I think he acts the part of the "tough captain for the cameras because in real life I bet he's a wuss !!!  Shame on you Keith and Freddie !!!

You have it right Joan. Cannot stand Keith "jerk to the nth degree" or Elliott "oh woe is me". Find some captains/ships to replace these two losers. And after what Freddie did, he is on a short leash also!

Love Sig and his whole crew, the Time Bandit and Wild Bill, but Keith and Elliott need to go away!!!

I couldn't agree with you more.  Keith is an absolute ass!  He is the total reason the Wizard goes through so many greenhorns.  From what we saw on the show, Dane was doing everything that was expected of him and doing it well.  All of a sudden he's not a team player because he won't shave his head into a stupid Mohawk.  Again, Keith is an absolute ass!

I agree that Freddie seemed like a decent dude until he got on the Wizard.  He has since developed that same bully attitude that Keith has.  Wonder where he got that from...

Great comment from NewB about Keith's daughter.  I don't know if these guys ever read these comments, but he should take that one to heart.

For a while I thought maybe the Discovery Channel was putting these guys up to this kind of behavior, but then I met many of them in person at a fundraiser for the Japanese fisherman a couple years ago, and Keith was not at all likable in person.  He just looked like he hated everybody and everything that was happening - as opposed to the other captains who were awesome to everybody. 

And, yes, Mumbles (Elliot) can go.  Why is he on the show anyway?  Truthfully, I record the show and fast forward it every time Elliot comes on.  What a loser.  In the last episode he bought an engagement ring for a woman who was sleeping with another guy while they were both staying in Elliot's house.  Seriously? 

Watched the episode with the Greenhorn getting screwed over by the crew of the Wizard what a load of assholes

1st of all well done greenhorn you held your own best you could

Lucky for the assholes on the Wizard they only employ youths , the 1st threat from Freddy would have ended in tears for him and fat Kieth would have just nearly made the push and he would have been on his fat ass screaming like a pig!

You want to get our tounge out of FREDDYS ARSHOLE and start showing a bit of respect yourself to your new crew.

First of all, it is great to be a member here!

I have a huge dislike for all things "Wizard", especially the so called "Captain" Keith. It is easy to bully someone new who doesn't want to participate in Keith's stupid "traditions". I'll tell you what Keith needs is a good ole' arse whipping like Johnathan gave him a few seasons back!

The  whole crew on the wizard are all a bit strange I think Dane was the only normal one on the boat lol.

The only think that bullshit haircut will give you is a cold on the bearing sea.

I would have threw his clippers overboard and gave him a right hander if he came within an inch of my head with his clippers.

Don't you love a bully watch the episode when Freddies nearly in tears like a spoilt kid because he's asked to turn his ipod of by Keiths brother ( Who seems normal and yes I could work under him ) 

Keith lets Freddie do what he wants through fear and breaks the rules he wouldn't be insured surely if he hurt himself or went overboard with an ipod on.

Anyway Freddie makes my blood boil he's an ass hole simple as that and Keith has no spine

Discovery should get rid of this rubbish it  winds me up you have a young lad where work is thin on the ground giving 100% and 2 assholes on his case then the rest of the boat on him wtf is wrong with these people I wish that lad had a huge family or a few good mates when the boat moored to give them jokers on the boat a slap now that would have been great telly...... They would have locked themselves in the cabin and called the cops they are gutless.

Never liked Keith and I never will.  I remember him crying when Phil died, what a hypocrite, he never liked Phil.  I laughed when Jonathan pushed him  at the barrel meeting with the other captains. Keith  was almost crying after that one!! The attack on the camera man for not bringing him a cup of coffee and his treatment of Dane makes him a very nasty man. He treats his own brother like crap too and he believes himself god's gift to crab fishing.  I always wonder how he is able to look his children in the eye. Are they proud of him?? To him it's always the fault of the greenhorns, but when you need to get new greenhorns EVERY season, you really need to start looking at yourself. Freddy was always a little weird, but he was nice enough on the CM. When you go and work on the Wizard, you have two options, you leave after one trip or you adapt to  the behaviour of it's "captain", obviously Freddy choose the latter.


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