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These are the numbers from the show, not sure why the numbers don't match for the NW. It might be the addition of the Blue King crab, I think Sig said they made 60K off of the Blues so that could be around 25,000 pounds depending on the price of Blues but that would not make it really worth it. 

Wizard 431,000
Northwestern 326,000
Kodiak 316,000 (has 40,000 more to catch)
Time Bandit 260,000
Cornelia Marie 240,000

NW 301,000 lbs, worth $1,300,000, crew 50K each
TB 260,000 lbs, worth $1,100,000 crew 32K each
Wiz 431,000 lbs, worth $1,900,000 crew 31K each
CM 240,000 lbs, worth $1,100,000  crew 27K each

Looks like quota and ownership play a major role in how much a deckhand is going to make. NW has the owners on board and owns a large percentage of its quota, seems like the boat is relatively fuel efficient as compared to other boats. The TB owners work the boat and Johnathan owns a decent amount of the boats quota but not as much as the NW. The TB also had a quick season so less fuel costs. The Wiz owner is onboard but Keith owns quota but not enough and I don't believe the boat is very fuel efficient. They also carry one more crew than the other boats. Although Phil owns part of the boat there is still profit going to the other owner, Phil owned a good portion of their quota not sure about the boats fuel efficiency.

Kind of makes working the NW worth the grind Sig puts them through.

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Definitely Joan Marie. I am a nurse and could make a lot more money working for the VA or the hospital, instead I work at a nursing home because they will work with my schedule and I just love my patients. I worked with the mentally challenged as both an aide and nurse for 16 years because i loved it but finally burned out :( I have a degree in drafting but lasted a few months drafting aircraft parts and just couldn't take the boredom! (If your Boeing 737 falls out of the sky it is NOT my fault! I just helped modify the stretch on it!)

If I was a deckhand I would look for safety first, money and crew second. No way I could spend endless hours on deck with people that i just couldn't get along with or freaked me out, lol. Imagine have to sleep in close quarters with someone that creeps you out.
Kind of explains Eddie's remark when he told Keith he didn't need to make $100,000 on the Wizard, that he was happy where he was on the TB. They work as a solid team, with no disent between the brothers, so yes, why leave that for a miserable position on another boat.
I was wondering last night why the big difference between the NW and the other boats. Still don't quite understand how all this works, but yes, I think the $18,000 extra the earned, despite the cruel blue crab conditions, was worth it. What was it Sig said in last week's episode -- "They'll thank me later."? I hope they did.
I keep trying to figure out how they determine each deckhands share and I think it varies from boat to boat. But this is what i have learned and if i get this wrong sorry.

This is the basic way the money gets spread around but I think each boat has little quirks.
First the the pay off from the crab. I am going to go with an even number because its easier to do the math and to follow. So lets say a boat makes $1,000,000 from the sale of the crab. If the quota the boat fish off of is leased then 50% of that number goes straight to the owner of the quota (that seems to be the common practice), so now there is $500,000 to divide. Next the boats expenses are paid. This includes fuel and bait. Some boats have a flat rate of say 20 bucks a day per deckhand for food, some just divide what they spend shopping by how many are fishing. The boat is also compensated for insurance costs and repairs incurred while fishing.
Then from whats left over it is then awarded as a percentage which typically varies from 6 to 8 % for full share guys. So for a deckboss, an engineer or maybe a long term hand they would get 8%. A regular deck hand might get 7% and a junior deckhand would get 6%. Greenhorns vary from boat to boat also. Some get a flat rate of 100 - 200 a day and others get a half share so around 3%. On the average the deck pulls around 30 to 35% of whats left after the boats expenses. The other is split between the captain and owner(s). Captains wages vary and basically its kept kind of quiet what they earn. Best that I can figure out is around 15 - 20% . So that leaves the owners with 45 to 50%. Of course the owners also incur a lot of other expenses like permits, accountants, taxes (their are 'special' taxes levied by fish and game for crabbing. Not sure if the taxes come out before the crew share but I am guessing it does also. Many boats will pay for a deckhand to get certified as an engineer or to get a captains license.

Going back to the original 1 million for the crab it breaks down like this if all of the quota is leased:
500,000 to quota owner
100,000 for expenses
so that leaves 400,000 to divide up (400,000 X 35% = 140,000)
so split 140,000 between 5 deckhands (140,000 / 5 = 28,000)

Considering most boats are making more than 1,000,000 then it comes out about right. The one that it doesn't quite make sense on it the Wizard but I am guessing its because they run with more people on deck and that boat probably sucks down the fuel. The bait cost are more also since they run so many pots. I would be willing to be Monte gets a bigger cut since he is a relief skipper also.

The TB and NW deckhands seem to make a bit more and its my guess its because they are owner operators and they probably have their boats paid for although they might have loans on paper for the tax deduction. The CM had 2 owners, the Wizard isn't near being paid off so it has to take a big share.
As far as I can tell none of the boats are fishing on just their own quota. All of the boats are in coops to access some of the processors quota (yes the processors were awarded quota) and to negotiate the best prices for their crab.

So everyone clear as mud on all that?! Yeah me too. :)

I still haven't quite grasped how the quota was divided, I get the principle but not the details.


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