Fans of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch

Alaskian fishermen rescue Sitka deer from freezing water! Heart warming!

> Alaska photos - 10/8/2010 > > A foursome of young bucks fell upon some good luck Sunday > as they were pulled from the icy waters > > of Stephens Passage by a group of locals out to enjoy the > last few days of recent sunshine. > > These good Samaritans describe their experience as "one of > those defining moments in life." > > > > A group of four juvenile Sitka black-tailed deer. They > swam right toward the boat, then, > > they started to circle the boat. They were looking up and > looked like they needed help. > > > > > > Four deer swim toward the Satre's boat Sunday. Once they > reached the vessel, > > Satre said they began to circle the boat and looked > obviously distressed. > > > > The typically skittish and absolutely wild animals came > willingly and > > once on the boat, collapsed with exhaustion.


They were > > shivering > > > > Four Sitka black-tailed bucks pulled from the waters of > Stephens Passage Sunday recover > > on the back of Tom Satre's 62-foot charter vessel, the > Alaska Quest. All deer were transported to >

> Taku Harbor and witnesses reported they all recovered from > what appeared to be exhaustion and a bit of hypothermia. > > > > Once the group reached the dock, the first to be pulled > from the water hopped onto the dock, looked back, > > then leapt into the waters of the harbor and swam to > shore. He quickly disappeared into the forest. > > Two others followed suit, after a bit of prodding and > assistance from the group. > > > > > > > > One of the four Sitka black-tailed bucks pulled from the > waters of Stephens Passage Sunday > > is seen being transported via wheelbarrow by Tom Satre >

after reaching Taku Harbor . > > Witnesses reported all the deer recovered fully from what > appeared to be exhaustion and a bit of hypothermia. > > > > > > > > > >

From left: Tom, Anna and Tim Satre help one of the > "button" bucks to its feet > > after they rescued it from Stephens Passage. Four bucks in > all were rescued. > >

Gotta hand it to the guys of this vessel and all the fisherman - heroes at heart!

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This was such a neat story, I love things like this!

They found the right people to trust.

this is so sweet. those guys are hero's.

thanks for sharing- that's just awesome!!!! makes you feel good inside, way to go captain and crew- great job! :)

Great story Wanda! The poor things have to be traumatized. Its so heartwarming to know there are people out there to help defenseless animals. Kudos to them..

Nice to see a good news story for a change...and it's especially nice to know there are good, caring fishermen out there! Great job, guys!!

What a great story, so glad they were all saved, warms my heart, these guys are heroes for sure !!!!

Me too thats why i had to share, can you imagine them swimming around the boat trying to get in, i would of love to see the shots of how they got into the boat.. glad you enjoyed it friends!! cheers wanda

Yeah love the shot of them just lounging on the deck, so grateful to be rescued.

Truly amazing!

AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW, that is so sweet, look at their little they are saying thank saved me! LOVE IT!!

Aw, this is such a sweet story. Thank goodness they were there to rescue those poor deer. I love reading stories like this! It made me smile. I love the shot of the deer on the deck of the boat. May God bless the captain and crew. So nice to know there's people like that out there.


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